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Last fall, when I agreed to write about the final edition of the annual Coil festival, I could not have imagined that come mid-January the festival’s mother ship—the organization formerly known as Performance Space 122—would find itself rocked by some seriously choppy seas.

"Are You Here for the Performance Piece?"

“Are you here for the performance piece?” asks the gentleman at the door as he politely ushers me into an unassuming foyer in Brooklyn, under the Williamsburg Bridge. I am at one of the numerous venues hosting American Realness 2018, the dance and performance festival founded by Thomas Benjamin Snapp Pryor, and presented by Gibney Dance with Abrons Art Center.

Pay to play: the costs of carving new space for dance

What about all the artists who don’t register on the curatorial grid? The recently defunct Createquity has published a lot of research on who gets to be an artist and how saturated the field is with aspiring creatives. Many dance makers are finding space to present or perform their own work outside of the usual venues.


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