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In Conversation

MARINA ADAMS with Alex Bacon

"I remember feeling that everything in the world should be art, that everything in the world should have the touch of the handmade."

In Conversation

JANE BENSON with Yasi Alipour

Jane Benson stubbornly magnified the fake to draw attention to the shaken notion of the real. Happy Faux Flora (2002)—which would become one of the young artist’s most iconic interventions—was as captivating and contemplative as it was unsettling.

In Conversation

DE WAIN VALENTINE with Michael Straus

De Wain Valentine has long been a pioneering artist based in Southern California, most known for his evanescent and light-transforming sculptures cast in polyester resin.

In Conversation

JOSH SMITH with Phong Bui

At once seemingly casual and unpredictable the paintings are underpinned by a pragmatic mind at work and always present.


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