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Mark Berry's Arnold Schoenberg

It is no criticism of Berry's fine book and clear, illuminating thinking that at its close I did not find Schoenberg any more pleasing. Rather, to his credit, Berry explained to me why I like so little of Schoenberg's music.

Ethno Port 2019

Unlike the soft fusions of many other global music festivals, Ethno Port adopts a hardcore folkloric approach, presenting unfiltered forms in the Polish city of Poznań. If styles are to be blended, their amalgamation usually has a harder surface of creative confrontation, or perhaps a subtle creeping together of twinned, introspective forms.


After experiencing an extraordinary concert by Ka at the Fridman Gallery’s new location on the Bowery, I asked her if she would be willing to do an interview. Here are the results.

Dommengang: Derivative Originality

Dommengang’s latest iteration, No Keys, released in May of this year, shows the band stepping confidently into its own brand of derivative originality, sources apparent yet successfully reconfigured, their particular hybridizations, use of melody, and sublime instrumentation resulting in a sequence at once distinct and tributary: an album for avant-gardists and traditionalists alike.

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