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Simulations: Living Sculptures on the Public Stage

Drawing on Minimalism’s entwining of sculpture and performance, Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya’s performance-based public artwork, Correspondences, confronts the passersby at Astor Place.

Vahram Zaryan's Perf festival: Text, Gesture, and Translation

A new performance festival from Vahram Zaryan links cities around the world, beginning with Yerevan, Armenia and Paris, France. The “Non-Mime” founder brings together artists across disciplines and nationalities to spark a global dialogue.

In Conversation

BILL SHANNON with Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone

Experimental artist Bill Shannon is the subject of CRUTCH, a new documentary chronicling 20 years of his career as a street performer, skater, b-boy, and more. Shannon speaks with Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone about the documentary process, his performance strategies, and representations of physical disability.


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