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Tara McDowell’s The Householders: Robert Duncan and Jess

An examination into how Robert Duncan and Jess transformed the benignly bourgeois domestic space into a political one, making this newly imagined domesticity the grounds for the work of artistic creation.

Francis M. Naumann’s Mentors: The Making of an Art Historian

An art historian’s memoir looks at the role of academic and artistic mentors through the lens of Duchamp’s readymade, exploring the ways in which we chose to adopt the characteristics and ideas of our influencers.

Public Knowledge: Selected Writings by Michael Asher

Compiled and edited by art historian Kirsi Peltomäki, this collection engages with the notion of a record, illuminating the varying roles of the artist, archive, and editor in shaping an artist’s narrative

Charles Fox’s Buried

This artist’s book mixes vintage photographs, personal recollections, and hand-written captions to tell the story of one family’s experience before and after the Cambodian genocide.


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