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OKWUI OKPOKWASILI with Tara Aisha Willis

People [involved in the Platform] have been looking back as well as forward, not afraid to imagine new structures grounded in research around the past. The ideas of “kin and care” and “voice and body” all come from previous Platforms. There is a lineage being followed, as well as transformed—I don’t want to say it’s indirect, but it’s an evolution.

West Side Story: Ill-fated Passion Burns Anew

Robbins’ contributions and choreography in the original versions will forever be treasured, but De Keersmaeker has provided powerful, contemporary new dances that shine.

“Catch Me, I'm Falling”

It’s work not as product, or fait accompli, but as total body struggle (psychic, social, physical, political): to perform, to overcome fear, to move past the pain, to feel the rush of adrenalin and the flow of embodied time, for the sake of the team, all the while risking catastrophic injury.


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MAR 2020

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