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it was first of May of twenty eight
day of the manifesto of hunger of the worker
only anthrophagy unites us, my heart
on a recycled page of virgin-bush
deflowered pindorama in a false-coitus
urgencies of the modern-artist-devourer

of lungs, kidneys, liver and heart
oswald de andrade filé on the grill
tupy or not tupy, that is true
or that ́s future-already-past
oh wirandé doctor-honoris
well mário is actually the plumber
who makes turtle barbecue

modern art was already born ancient
with its silverware made paris style
knife, fork, blank plate and bordeaux
paris which for fucks acts silly
if indigenous art will last ten years
I want to be achilles: who will be famous
and die before receiving the trophy
in the fall of sky to be a burning star
-he got away with murder, the refrain shall say

macunaíma-art in drying kiln
will say uga-uga with hands on lips
a totem, a tallow tree
where no one gets the prize,
a collectors guild, rats
white in sterile laboratory
where fake dishes anthropophagous
are the menu of cinereous-vulture

seriously, was a brazilian art born from forceps?
without indians in canoe what tragic-flaw
I want someone eats with their hands, anyone?
without geo-limits and connected to mater
ReAnthropophagy set on a nostalgic table
Is indigenous-art raw with no character

when from this art tropical-brazil-wood
Remains not one chewed bone
the following epitaph will be left as message:
here lies the macunaíma simulacrum
together lie the idea of a brazilian people
and temperate anthropophagy
with bordeaux and pax mongolica
from this long digestion
Makünaimî shall be reborn
and the original anthropophagy
belonging to Us
indigenous people.

Denilson Baniwa, <em>Re-Antropofagia</em>, 2018. Mixed media. Courtesy the artist.
Denilson Baniwa, Re-Antropofagia, 2018. Mixed media. Courtesy the artist.


Denilson Baniwa

Denilson Baniwa is 36 years old and was born in Mariuá, on the Black River (Rio Negro), Amazonas State. His path as an artist began with cultural influences drawn from his own people in childhood. In his youth, this artist began his trajectory in the struggle for the rights of indigenous peoples. He also navigated the non-indigenous universe, learning to grasp additional references to further strengthen his art scene of resistance. Denilson Baniwa is an anthrophagous artist who appropriates Western languages in order to decolonize them in his work. He has consolidated himself as a reference in his contemporary trajectory, breaking paradigms and opening paths for prominence for indigenous people in Brazil.


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