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APRIL 2021

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On Loyalty

If we can agree
on the shape of our home
                                          the color of brick
its general location and look
                                          warmly held and a long view of the
how we will treat each other within it
                                          tender with patience and grace
then we must be family
                                          or some other kind of love
let’s decide together
                                          who sets the table
how we say hello
                                          don’t come in this house and not speak
how we take our leave
                                          this cheek don’t even feel right kissless
let us be loyal to courageous love
                                          demand a collective consideration
for and with grace

            do bars on the windows make you feel more or less safe?

Please do not be bothered by singing
                                          when the sun is doing a perfect shimmy
shadowed lines scattering the floor
                                          look to love this naked neck
open and listening to an imperfect tide
                                    let us come back, when we go, let us come


Suzi Q Smith

Suzi Q Smith is an artist, activist, and educator. Her books Poems for the End of the World and A Gospel of Bones are forthcoming in 2021.


The Brooklyn Rail

APRIL 2021

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