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Sara Cwynar’s Glass Life

Where her films run through a rapid series of objects and references unattached to their sources, this monograph meticulously annotates the film scripts. Mapped out and diagrammed, the scripts expand the films like an accordion folder, revealing the research archive behind the screen.

Kristin Bedford’s Cruise Night

The artist attended her first cruise night on December 27, 2014. An electrifying portrait of the lowriders of Los Angeles, this photo-book captures a community as it comes together for cruise events and weddings, car shows and quinceañeras, family barbecues and funerals.

Designing Motherhood: Things That Make and Break Our Births

Whether or not a birthing person, one will find a more comprehensive and empowered approach to sexuality, procreation, and rearing in this book than in any mass-market guide, medical textbook, or doctor’s office. The fact that this information must be conveyed through the guise of art and design points to our society’s deep-seated discomfort with—and lack of substantial support for—birth.

Edith Young’s Color Scheme

The color palette becomes a vehicle to examine art history, popular culture, from the blues of David Hockney’s painted pools to the autumnal hair dyes of former professional basketball player Dennis Rodman.

Derek Sullivan’s Evidence of the Avant Garde Ex-Library

Interested in ephemera, networks of distribution, and how materials are activated through circulation and use, Sullivan’s latest book translates an exhibition catalogue documenting ephemera (audio tapes, manuscripts, buttons, and books) from a 1984 show at Art Metropole into an artist book. This rendering shows that history and the archive are always ongoing, constantly being revised, added to, amended, redrawn, and redistributed.

Richard Tuttle’s The Role of the Story Teller

This book documents five of the artist’s projects on color, separating the visual and the verbal, the interior and the exterior.


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