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Field Notes

Reading Ridgewood

Two decades ago, when I used to work in the industrial reaches of Maspeth, Queens I became fascinated with the Ridgewood Times, a local paper that mixed extreme-reactionary politics with neighborhood news.

The Conspiracy Plot

“Conspiracism” and “populism” are now seen as threats to the foundation of the representative system, taken, naturally, as the impassable horizon of contemporary politics. This is exactly why it seems important to consider the reemergence of these forms of thought within the structural framework of the capitalist political system, in relation to a deeper problem, that of the crisis of the system of political representation.

Fake News and Real Conditions

The sharpening debate over information, like increasing violence generally, are all phenomena of a deepening crisis in the social fabric of modern Western societies.

Governing the Ungovernable

In 2008, some rioters described their rebellion against police brutality in Greece as an image of the future. More than a decade later, but this time negatively, the truth of that insight continues to haunt.


The Brooklyn Rail

APRIL 2021

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