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Stirred Up

Despite the visual echoes of the fall of Saigon in the photographs of Afghans clinging to departing American aircraft, the inevitable defeat of the United States in Afghanistan is not just a replay of the Vietnam debacle.

In Conversation

The State of the Plague

For this issue of the Brooklyn Rail, Aminda Smith and Fabio Lanza interviewed Chuang about their first book, Social Contagion and Other Material on Microbiological Class War in China, forthcoming in October as one in a series of new titles from the historic Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company.

Elizabeth Hinton’s America on Fire

Elizabeth Hinton’s America on Fire, packaged as “the untold story of police violence and Black rebellion since the 1960s,” is a timely meditation on historical continuities and differences between previous cycles of urban rebellion and the present.


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