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Maria Lassnig: The Biography

This newly translated biography shares details that give a sense of who this self-inspecting artist was on and off the canvas. It studies the life of an artist who spent over seven decades obsessively studying herself.

Baldwin Lee

The monograph includes a selection of atmospheric images and graceful portraits of Black communities in the American South. Lee made these images conscientiously, knowing that there was no way to circumvent the charged and often ugly history of this American panorama.


The desire to archive her own work, which undergirded the philosophy of much of her photographic practice, became a necessity and a means of surviving as an artist. A selection of these portfolios are reproduced in Bettina and their sleek, simple design style informs the zine-like feel of this expansive book.

Visible: Text + Image

An anthology of six hybrid works that approaches translation as an act that occurs not only between languages but also between media and disciplines. Through this dual lens, fourteen contributors on four continents examine timely and thorny questions about the limitations of witness and testimony.

Kate Beaton’s Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands

A comics memoir, workplace drama, and, most fundamentally, a migration and generation story that’s specific to the Canadian provinces. Dilating and expanding moments of time, it subtly encompasses the quiet and unassuming tragedies that mark our present moment.


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