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Field Notes

Women, Life, Freedom

Iranians of 2022 have now resorted to waging a revolution to bring down their previously revolutionary regime. But the 1979 and 2022 revolutions could hardly be more different.

The Story of No One From Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is just an island of 21 million people, still colonized by capital, still culturally self-colonized, and thus our sufferings are not unique. We are all ultimately just leaves in the stream, and right now the water is churning.

Michael Kazin’s What It Took To Win

Michael Kazin's new history of the Democratic Party is an important intervention in this political conjuncture.

Lancaster, So Much to Answer For

The city of Lancaster has a way of briefly inserting itself in the center of moments of violent upheaval spreading across the country.


The Brooklyn Rail

NOV 2022

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