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The Miraculous

The Miraculous: Music

26. 1965, Los Angeles

We’re in Los Angeles in the mid-1960s where two film student friends (one in graduate school, the other an undergraduate senior) enroll, in successive years, in the same course on film aesthetics taught by a legendary but now retired émigré Austrian director.

The Miraculous: Music

27. October 17, 1961, a train platform in Dartford, England

Living only one street apart in a London suburb, two 7-year-olds strike up a friendship that lasts until they are 11 and one of them moves away. In the years that follow, their school careers diverge (one begins attending university, the other enrolls in a local art school) but their musical tastes are oddly similar, as they discover when their paths finally cross again on a train platform in their hometown.

The Miraculous: Music

28. 1970, the London Underground

Soon after graduating from art school, a 21-year-old separates from his wife and moves from the city of Winchester near England’s south coast to London where he becomes involved with the avant-garde music scene. One day on the London Tube he runs into a former art-school classmate with whom he has lost touch.

The Miraculous: Music

29. 1965, Los Angeles

n a working-class suburb of Rio de Janeiro, an Ethiopian-born mother hopes that her son will grow up to become a pediatrician. The boy’s Brazilian father, a dockworker, wants him to be a lawyer. The youth’s own ambition, initially, is to play professional soccer.

The Miraculous: Music

30. 1945, Paris

In the spring of 1945, the French government opens up three warehouses filled with pianos that have been stolen by the Germans, the vast majority from Jewish families, and invites the public to reclaim their instruments.


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