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That’s Just, Like, Your Interpretation

Upon revealing my identity as a playwright at, let’s say, a dinner party, other people will often cheerfully inquire, “What do you write about?” This question always throws me.

At JACK’s Radical Acts, Experimentation—and Failure—are Most Welcome

Jordana De La Cruz, co-director of the Brooklyn performance and civic space JACK, wants artists to fail.

A Song for the Strivers in Evanston Salt Costs Climbing

Evanston Salt Costs Climbing, directed by Danya Taymor and produced by The New Group, is a song for the striving: a love letter to those who feel too much, who can’t help but give and give of themselves even if it comes at their own expense. Such characters exist throughout Arbery’s other plays, including the wounded Emily in Heroes of the Fourth Turning and saintly Isabel in Plano.


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