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Sticker Shock

For 10 years, economists wondered: why is inflation so low? Suddenly, in the last few months, they wonder: why so high? In the words of the Los Angeles Times, “Economists are getting a dose of humility on forecasting inflation” as prices rise “well beyond the expectations of Wall Street and policymakers.”

Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me

Supply or demand, chicken or egg? Which is the cause of the current surge in dollar prices, and prices worldwide? Should we fault the COVID-19 pandemic, which has interrupted production of crucial goods and provision of vital services, leading to planetary shortages of labor and capital?

Land Grab

During the afternoon of October 31, 2021, Katherine de la Cruz, and other activists from the 1000 People 1000 Trees movement and the East River Park Action community groups, gathered and spoke at Tompkins Square Park, on New York’s Lower East Side, in protest of then-Mayor Bill de Blasio’s East Side Coastal Resiliency Project

No Evictions! Not Now, Not Ever

Brooklyn Eviction Defense formally condemns the ending of New York State’s eviction moratorium. As an organization of tenants dedicated to fighting and stopping displacement by any means necessary, we unwaveringly oppose the resumption of legal evictions. That said, this condemnation comes with important nuances.


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