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Hong Kong’s Contemporary Cultural Scene—public protests and beyond

For the best part of the last decade, Hong Kong has been a major focus for the international news media because of continuing public protests there against the authority of Hong Kong’s Beijing-backed legislature and, more recently, the imposition by China’s central government of the so-called National Security Law (NSL) aimed at suppressing political dissent in the region.

An Open letter to Hong Kong

I feel like I’m riding a roller coaster every day and night, debating with myself endlessly where to go. Some things that have happened to you have been beyond acceptable. However, I still decide to stay, because it is you who is in my mind, not those vampires who have drunk up your blood.

Fragments of the Untimeliness in the New Hong Kong

Being untimely is political.

A Few Stories about Art in Hong Kong during 2021

This is a very brief and impressionistic portrait of the state of the art field in Hong Kong around October 2021.

Does Art Point the Way in a Polarized Hong Kong?

The old aphorism, “hard times make good art,” gives little comfort to art practitioners when the magnitude of changes, carried out with revolutionary zeal, is robbing Hong Kong of its long-held freedom from ideological interference in the arts.

On Drawing Life

Drawing is a simple practice. All I need is a piece of paper, a pencil, and a clipboard. For one year, I have used up only three 6B pencils. So, this is a carbon-light way to keep myself engaged.


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