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The Voice of America

We are, as unimaginable as it used to be, entering an era where Black musicians in classical music are conspicuous only for their abilities. Marian Anderson opened that door.

Wade in the Water

Since her beginnings as a key member of the Black Arts movement in the 1960s and seventies, Nikki Giovanni has shared her distinctive poetic voice with us. Hearing her doing so in this context feels like a homecoming.

The Future of Classical Music? Contemporary Music? New Music?

In our culture, and I presume everywhere around the globe, a minority driven by a meaningful purpose has always played an important role, sometimes a leading one.

The Strength, Suppleness, and Beauty of a Body

The agadir—the collective granary—of music is made of songs and compositions for embodiment. Arooj Aftab, Julia Adolphe, and Layla McCalla are three musicians who contribute such music to the agadir, aiming to revive human life.


The Brooklyn Rail

MARCH 2022

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