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The Unseen Saul Leiter

These hitherto unpublished color slides show hidden angles and hushed moments amid the tumult of the city. The New York City streets through Leiter’s lens reveal the sides of lives that are seen when people don’t think they’re being listened to or watched, perhaps when they’re most themselves.

Dick Higgins’s A Something Else Reader

The Reader models how contemporary artists and publishers can build on and subvert the communicative forms of the recent past. It collects excerpts from the multifarious output of its namesake press: event scores, concrete poetry, conceptual collages, philosophical essays, and reprints of classic modernist publications.

Amy Ching-Yan Lam’s Looty Goes to Heaven

Histories of dog breeding, racist genetic theory, and British colonial extraction form the backdrop to this work of speculative fiction. Written and distributed in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at Eastside Projects in Birmingham, UK, the book follows Looty as the toy dog navigates the heavy burdens of her different lives under imperial rule.

Phil Jung’s Windscreen

Eschewing the familiar genres of Americana or social documentary, Jung narrowed the scope of his project down to the surfaces and interiors of cars still in use and visible on the street. These photographs capture the feeling of looking into a self-contained world.

Martine Syms and Rocket Caleshu’s The African Desperate

A critical study of the Black woman as a multidimensional figure in film, the screenplay is a unique accompanying text to the film. It highlights the sharpness of the dialogue, while adding clarity and balance to the scene work.


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