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Field Notes

Strike Diary

It is as if everyone is asking themselves when the violence will really start. This was the same in the demonstrations about the cost-of-living crisis in October. People were calm, especially in unions like SUD, they weren’t the least concerned about any hierarchization of protesters, nor were they scared of the police.

After the Strike: Reflections on the UC Struggle

The recent strike at the University of California has been called “historic;” as the largest strike of 2022 and the largest higher education strike in history, it certainly was. But the strike had the potential to be historic in more ways than sheer scale.

In Conversation

Henri Simon with Dominik Müller

A living proof of the wellness benefits of class struggle, Henri Simon turned one hundred this year. In his Paris apartment, filled with books and other materials, Simon spoke with Rail Contributor Dominik Müller about his lifetime of activity.

Farewell to the F-Word?
Bruce Kuklick's Fascism Comes to America

As part of an early stage of these developments, fascism still seems useful to learn about, though Kuklick may be right to urge us to commit the F-word to the historical dustbin. Even he seems to understand why his advice is unlikely to be taken.

In Praise of Treason

Noel Ignatiev grew up in Philadelphia in the 1940s. He wrote in his memoir, Acceptable Men, that “from the time I was a youngster I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to revolution.” His parents had both been communists and he inherited the family business, traversing over his lifetime a variety of revolutionary groupings, from Stalinist to proto-anarchist. A man ahead of his time, he maintained a steady focus on the fight against racial oppression.


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