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Facts of Winter

Eugene Ostashevsky is the author of, most recently, The Feeling Sonnets, a poetry collection about the effects of a non-native language on emotions, parenting, and identity.


Zachary LaMalfa is a poet and teacher from New Jersey. His recent writing can be found in Works & Days, Volume, Prolit, For Starters: An Anthology of Prompts, and elsewhere. A Course in Human Love, a chapbook of early poems, appeared in 2022 from Malvina House. He teaches English and literature at CUNY.


John Yau has three books that have landed or will soon land on earth: Joe Brainard: The Art of the Personal (Rizzoli, 2022); Tell It Slant (Omnidawn, 2023); John Pai: Liquid Steel (Rizzoli (2023). An exhibition, Disguise the Limit: John Yau’s Collaborations, will open at art museum of the University of Kentucky in Lexington in January 2024, curated by Stuart Horodner.


Michael Kelleher's most recent book of poems is Visible Instruments (Chax, 2017). He is the director of the Windham-Campbell Literature Prizes at Yale.


Farnoosh Fathi is the author of Great Guns (2013) and Granny Cloud (2024), the editor of Joan Murray: Drafts, Fragments, and Poems (2018), and the founder of the Young Artists Language and Devotion Alliance (YALDA).


Suzanne Goldenberg is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, and activist. She hosts the CRUSH reading series at the Woodbine collective in Ridgewood, NY. She is the author of HELP WANTED ( chapbook ) and her forthcoming book GOING PRO. Her work can be found at


Sahar Romani is author of the forthcoming chapbook, The Opening, selected by Kazim Ali as a winner of the 2022 Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship. Her poems also appear in The Margins, Poem-a-Day from the Academy of American Poets, The Yale Review, Guernica, The Believer, and elsewhere. She teaches first-year writing at New York University.

from The Ones Who Listen (Book One of the Cywanu Trilogy)

Whit Griffin is a poet-medium and semi-professional hermit dwelling in Colorado. Author of such nonlinear metaphysical epics as We Who Saw Everything (Cultural Society) and Uncanny Resonance (Book Two, Lunar Chandelier Collective). With visual artist Timothy C. Ely he collaborated on the book Interior Voice / The Great Practice (Granary Books). Along with Eric Baus he is a resident wizard at Common Name Farm, through which he freely gives away visionary elixirs.


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