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In Conversation

Voicing Together

Following their performance inspired by and created within the Toni Morrison Papers at Princeton University, artists Mame Diarra Speis and Daniel Alexander Jones reflect on what Morrison can teach us about the limitations of institutionalization and individualism in art and life.

In Conversation

Chris Masters and Eva Yaa Asantewaa with Karen Hildebrand

In a new evening length work at BAM Fisher, Masters invites spectators to collaborate.

I was sitting in my seat when I saw a sensation

In Family Happiness, Juliana F. May combines formal perversity and odyssean melodies.

Intimacy from a Distance

Mark Mann captures the complexity of dancers in photos comprising the book Movement at the Still Point: An Ode to Dance

In Conversation

Sydnie Mosley with Siobhan Burke

After a performance on the opening weekend of PURPLE: A Ritual in Nine Spells, I overheard the choreographer Sydnie Mosley chatting with friends who had come out to see her work: “This is basically my dissertation,” she said, laughing.


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