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André Pitol

André Pitol (1989) is a researcher working on artistic, educational and curatorial projects in São Paulo, Brazil with a focus on photography and art history. He is currently a PhD candidate in the Visual Arts program at the University of São Paulo and a member of the Research Group on Art, Design, and Digital Media (GP_ADMD).

Claudia Andujar: anthropophagie?, fényképezés, yanõmami!

The contact triggered by colonization of the already inhabited lands of the “New World” incentivized the disintegration of many peoples. It also brought about the establishment of figures of expression and strategies such as anthropophagy.

Claudia Andujar: anthropophagie?, fényképezés, yanõmami!

Os diferentes processos de contato desencadeados pela colonização das terras já habitadas do “Novo Mundo” incentivaram, além da desintegração de muitos povos, figuras de expressão e estratégias como a antropofagia.


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SEPT 2023

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