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Danilo Machado

is a poet and curator living in Brooklyn, New York. His poetry and criticism has been featured in Bushwick Daily, ArtCritical, and Long River Review, and the Brooklyn Rail, among other publications.

Rico Gatson and Baseera Khan: Free to Be

The exhibition is a bold curatorial collaboration: Gatson and Khan shine both individually and together at Jenkins Johnson Projects, a Prospect Heights art space connected to the community around it and highlighting artists of color.

David Wojnarowicz: History Keeps Me Awake at Night

My partner and I were recently tested for HIV at a local clinic that doubles as a thrift store. The test was free, and our negative results were instant.

MOTHA and Chris E. Vargas: Consciousness Razing—The Stonewall Re-Memorialization Project

The Museum of Transgender Hirstory and Art (MOTHA), a semi-fictional institution led by Chris E. Vargas, counters the stable, hetero/cis-normative, “serious” structure of the museum with fluid, playful objects and images that center trans people, narratives, and subjectivities. Vargas’s project Transgender Hirstory in 99 Objects began in 2015 and now continues at the New Museum in an exhibition entitled curated by Johanna Burton and Sara O’Keeffe.

Jon Key: Violet: Mythologies and Other Truths

In a lush new series of works at Rubber Factory, Bushwick-based artist Jon Key layers personal realities, myths, and acrylic paint in the spaces between body and landscape.

Invasive species by Marwa Helal

“Distance,” writes Marwa Helal, is the story “ive always wanted to tell. / so, ill tell it now” (“let’s get this out of the way”).


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