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Iván Argüelles

Iván Argüelles is a Mexican-American innovative poet whose work moves from early Beat and surrealist-influenced forms to later epic-length poems. He received the Poetry Society of America's William Carlos Williams Award in 1989 as well as the Before Columbus Foundation's American Book Award in 2010.

Neeli Cherkovski's Hang On To The Yangtze River

“I want to be a dead poet / alive beyond life.” And that he is, alive beyond life, and in reading many of the poems of this book you get the sense of what a variegated and rich person Neeli is, a keen observer of life’s frailties and joys, both sexual and meditative, unafraid of admitting his own doubts and perplexities in the face of a society that is becoming more technologically advanced and incrementally crueler and more impersonal, even as the planet plunges toward its possible extinction.


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SEPT 2023

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