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Marius Hrdy

Marius Hrdy is a cultural worker, film programmer and writer.

IDFA 2019: Of Warriors Past and Present

At the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam, a meeting point for film and market folk from all over the world, plethora is celebrated, diversity warranted and options encouraged. While the breadth of its program offers a maze into which one may easily find oneself lost in a state of indifference, I quickly arrived at the point where my actual work as a critical spectator began, the digging for gold.

Modes of Resistance: Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival 2020

The picturesque wonders of Berwick-upon-Tweed trespassed into the liminal space of memory and virtuality this year as the 16th edition of Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival took place entirely online.

Rebel Against Reality: The Spheres of Henri Plaat

Dutch visual artist Henri Plaat’s 8mm and 16mm films, influenced by his memories of World War II and contemporaneous newsreels, playfully examine the persistence of the past within the present.

A Moveable Feast: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2021

Unlike other festivals opting to toss films into a pool of sameness and replete of curatorial context, International Film Festival Rotterdam’s curated precision was kept intact, preserving the festival’s distinct relevance as a harbor for innovative moving image work.

Third Horizon Film Festival 2022

Third Horizon Film Festival, in its sixth iteration this year, is a leader in the exhibition and discussion of filmmaking and other works about the Caribbean. The 2022 festival's overarching theme was to uncover film practices probing alternative memory, subjectivities, and non-linear time structures.

About Some Meaningful Events: African Cinema and 50 Years of FESPACO

In a festival where a major part of the lineup consists of the newest restorations of “Old Hollywood” filmmaking, recent editions of Il Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna have been marked by a refreshing turn towards lesser known cinemas and film industries that are no less interesting.

In Conversation


Drawing ideas from paintings, books, films, and audio recordings, along with poetry and music, Colburn and O'Neill share a common interest in collecting and recycling materials, often reusing them across multiple mediums, in performances and multi-channel installations, drawings, sculptures, and assemblages.

Notes on Berwick: “Why this passion for pictures, why this passion for darkness?”

Berwick-upon-Tweed is a visual heaven. Nestled down the railway from Edinburgh on the coast of Northumbria, this border town has changed allegiances between Scotland and England many times.

There are no rules!: Restored and Revisited Avante–garde Films from the Netherlands

This admittedly rather long title announces an upcoming survey of Dutch experimental filmmaking to be showcased at the Austrian Filmmuseum in June


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