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Nicole Kaack

Nicole Kaack is an independent curator and writer. Kaack's writing has been published by Whitehot Magazine, artcritical, Art Viewer, SFAQ / NYAQ / AQ, Artforum, the Brooklyn Rail, Sound American, and BOMB. Kaack has organized exhibitions and programs at Small Editions, the Re: Art Show, CRUSH CURATORIAL, NURTUREart, Assembly Room, The Kitchen, Hunter College, A.I.R. Gallery, and HESSE FLATOW. Kaack's projects include prompt: and Not Nothing.

Dismantling the Master’s House: The Color Curtain Dinner

The invitation to the Color Curtain Project’s inaugural dinner featured a photograph of the Jakarta, Indonesia airport in 1955, with a crowd of bodies standing on an airfield festooned with flags unfurling into agitated, electric air.

Kristin Bedford’s Cruise Night

The artist attended her first cruise night on December 27, 2014. An electrifying portrait of the lowriders of Los Angeles, this photo-book captures a community as it comes together for cruise events and weddings, car shows and quinceañeras, family barbecues and funerals.

Maryanne Amacher’s Selected Writings and Interviews

Selected and contextualized by composer Bill Dietz and historical musicologist Amy Cimini, these writings are drawn almost exclusively from previously unpublished archival materials, spanning excerpted scores, correspondence with the artist’s mentor and collaborator John Cage, grant proposals (too frequently, rejected), and notes from her self-guided research. Dramatically expanding the available literature on an influential yet little-known experimental composer and sound artist, this volume offers insight into the realist poetics and technical rigor of the artist’s work.


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