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Patrick Jaojoco

PATRICK JAOJOCO is a contributor to the Brooklyn Rail.

Rock, Mosquito and Hummingbird: A Prehistory of Governor's Island

Walking through Governor’s Island is like walking through a time warp. The old barracks, the plaques on small boulders marking the invisible histories of Native American settlements, how the island was sold to Dutch settlers in the 1600s at the cost of two axe heads and some other small items, the stories of how the streets were named, the histories involved in making the island what it is today.

Indicators: Artists on Climate Change

Since the institution’s founding, Storm King Art Center’s mission to elaborate on art in the natural landscape has sought to evolve with the times. As sea levels and global temperatures rise, Storm King has followed contemporary artists into the conceptual fray of what constitutes “nature” in this day and age.


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