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S. David

S. David is a writer from Washington, D.C. writing against culture and memory at the margins. In addition to the Rail, he has written for Ars Technica and Tiny Mix Tapes, among others. He is also an artist working with sampled sounds and mixed media.

Dwight Cassin: Oronsay

Populated by past and present imaginaries, Cassin’s sculptures—all made of repurposed wood—are sites whereat idea and visual diction are not covalent; rather, they contest among each other along discrete planes of figuration and activity.

George Petrides: Hellenic Heads

Petrides’s other sculptures are ironically laconic in every sense.

No Joke: ehh hahah's Non-Generic “Kreativitet”

Even in conversation, ehh hahah—whose real name is Wojtek—is resistant to classification, preferring to define his work simply by what it is not. “I don’t like that ‘deconstructed club’ thing,” he miffs, not without reason.

Drums Talk

Every genre of music has its myths, and drum and bass is no different. Renegade Snares joins a bibliography of recent titles, not to mention reissues and repackages, taking to task a resurgent interest in junglism, its origins, and its cultural legacy. Written jointly by Ben Murphy and Carl Loben, it uneasily stakes ground between hagiography and oral history.

In Conversation


The ex-American theorist and musician DeForrest Brown, Jr. has waged what feels like a worldwide one-man guerrilla campaign, challenging the nature of globalized capital in the art and music industries through protest and presence. His latest project as Speaker Music, the album Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry—released in 2020 by Planet Mu—drew praise for its uncompromising sonic and social vision, while his “Make Techno Black Again” collaboration with HECHA / 做—his partner Ting Ding 丁汀 and Luz Angélica Fernández’s apparel brand—has re-centered a necessary conversation about race in contemporary music.

The 83rd, Figure of Noise

While perhaps telling, The 83rd's coded use of “culture” is just as instructive as his near-militant posture of independence. As the founder of the multi-pronged media organization Sermon 3 Recordings, through which he self-releases his music via Bandcamp, The 83rd’s sui generis trajectory seeks the kind of valanced heat that the real and art worlds seem to so rarely offer to self-styled enfants terrible.

Language Muddles Music: Sebastián Maria

The thread between structure and consciousness weighs on the mind of Sebastián Maria, the Colombian-American composer, producer, and DJ based in New York City.


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