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Sabo Kpade

Sabo Kpade is a writer, curator and journalist who specializes in the arts and cultures of Africa and its diaspora in the UK, US and Europe. He graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) where he studied Global Arts and Cultures. Currently, Sabo writes for Contemporary & and Apple Music.

Tall House

From the grounds of Kennington Park, Jebo could see the top eight floors of Shellington House cast against the late afternoon sun. It would take careful looking to pick out his room on the twelfth floor. He stared hard but with no luck. Except for the pair of balconies on either side of each floor, there were no clear demarcations between the flats. To stare was a task. Squinting didn’t help. He recalled Richard Serra’s phrase with unusual clarity: The act of seeing, and the concentration of seeing, takes effort.


The Brooklyn Rail

APRIL 2023

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