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Veronica Scott Esposito

VERONICA SCOTT ESPOSITO is the author of four books, including The Doubles and The Surrender. Her writing has appeared in publications including The New York Times, the Times Literary Supplement, The White Review, and Music & Literature. She is a contributing editor with BOMB magazine and a senior editor at Two Lines Press.

László Krasznahorkai’s
The World Goes On

The best writers endure regardless of when or why their work is written. Unerringly honing in on the core of our human condition, these writers’ instincts lead them toward this unshakeable truth again and again, regardless of their subject-matter. Were there not already enough evidence that László Krasznahorkai is such a writer, his latest book in translation, his 2013 prose collection The World Goes On, proves it.

Isaac Babel’s The Essential Fictions

If the “Red Calvary” stories invoke the tone of a journalist who aspires to the omniscience of God, the pieces from Odessa and the early works tend to feel more of the gossip.

Anna Moschovakis's Eleanor, or, the Rejection of the Progress of Love

The first thing that must be said about Eleanor, or, the Rejection of the Progress of Love, the debut novel from the poet, translator, and Ugly Ducking editor Anna Moschovakis, is that it is great fun.


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