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Sergio Vaz

Sergio Vaz (1964) is a Brazilian poet and activist, and resident of the Metropolitan Region of the city of São Paulo. In addition to the publication of countless books of poetry, he stands out as the creator of autonomous cultural spaces and promoter of poetry and literature in peripheral regions of the city. Vaz is specifically the creator of the Cultural Cooperative of the Periphery (Cooperifa) in 2000, where hundreds of youths meet weekly to read and create poetry. He is also the founder of the event “Week of Modern Art in the Periphery” which took place in 2007.

Anthropophagous Manifesto from the Periphery

A voice shall cry out from the alleyways against the silence punishing us. A beautiful and intelligent people shall rise from the hillsides in a dash against their past. For a clean future for all Brazilians.

Manifesto da Antropofagia Periférica

Dos becos e vielas há de vir a voz que grita contra o silêncio que nos pune. Eis que surge das ladeiras um povo lindo e inteligente galopando contra o passado. A favor de um futuro limpo, para todos os brasileiros.


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