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Thays Berbe

Thays Berbe (1985) is a screenwriter, visual artist and author. She is currently the recipient of a scholarship for the Master’s Program in Screenwriting at The International School of Film and Television in Cuba. She began her career writing for TV Cennarium Brasil and the channel E! Entertainment Television. Among other independent projects she wrote and directed, she was a screenwriter for the first and second seasons of the HBO comedy series Todxs Nós (All of Us), created by Vera Egito. She was also a screenwriter for the series Sintonia, created by Kondzilla and produced by Los Bragas for Netflix and was part of the team of screenwriters for the children’s series Nosso Mundo Zoo (Our Zoo World) by Natalia Maeda for Boutique Filmes for Discovery Kids, and the second season of As Five (The Five) created by Cao Hamburguer for Rede Globo. Berbe was selected for the first Black Brasil Art Biennial and published in the magazine O Menelick 2° Ato in its call for arts submissions. She is also the author of stories in the anthology Não Pretendia Criar Discórdia (I Did Not Mean to Cause Discomfort), launched by the Museum Casa das Rosas and the publisher Editora Giostri.

The Originality of the Herd of Cannibals

Just like one makes pâté de foie gras, since I was a child I was engulfed in Eurocentrism. Did I choke or did I not choke, that is the question. They did not expect me to become anthropophagous, they imagined a banquet.

A Originalidade da Revoada Canibal

Assim como se fazem os patês de foie gras, desde criancinha me entucharam de eurocentrismo. Entupi ou não entupi, eis a questão.


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