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Adriana Velez

Velez is a food blogger based in Brooklyn, NY.

What To Eat When You’re Expecting

I’m halfway through my first pregnancy now, and the question I get the most from people—after "girl or a boy?"—is "what are you craving?" Even well-wishers are always disappointed to find I’m not craving something bizarre, like sardines in ice cream. It’s as if pregnant women hold the key to some secret food universe, where all the rules are upturned and new, unlikely delights are waiting to be discovered.

Comidas Buenas en Brooklyn

I hope you’ll allow a little autobiography here as I begin this issue’s review. It’s just that I happen to have a Mexican background, so the stakes are a little higher for me when it comes to Mexican cuisine. Refried beans are my mashed potatoes. Sure, I grew up in the suburbs of Denver.

Manhattan's Loss Is Our Gain

One of the advantages of living in Brooklyn is that our borough is filled with restaurants headed by chefs and restaurant managers who trained in the haute kitchens of Manhattan. If you read a lot of restaurant reviews, this much will become clear to you.

Park Slope Rising

I find it endlessly satisfying that I can go out my front door, walk a few blocks, and have a truly wonderful meal. This is what we know as the experience of a good New York neighborhood restaurant. It’s not terribly fancy, like Bouley or Jean Georges. But it’s a definite cut above an average diner or a pizza joint. You eat there often enough to know the menu by heart. The food makes you very, very happy.


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