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Alex Dimitrov

ALEX DIMITROV is the author of Together and by Ourselves (Copper Canyon Press, 2017), Begging for It (Four Way Books, 2013), and the digital chapbook American Boys (2012). He lives in New York City.

Maybe I’m Just Simple, Real, and Human After All

My title is a sentence Ad Reinhardt wrote toward the end of one of his writings called “The Artist in Search of an Academy, Part Two: Who are the Artists?” It’s nine o’clock on a Sunday.


Alex Dimitrov is author of Begging for It (Four Way Books, 2013) and American Boys (Floating Wolf Quarterly, 2012), which is available for free online at:


Alex Dimitrov is the author of Together and by Ourselves (Copper Canyon Press, 2017), Begging for It (Four Way Books, 2013), and the digital chapbook American Boys (2012). He lives in New York City.


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