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Asher Hartman

ASHER HARTMAN is an interdisciplinary artist, playwright, and director whose work at the junction of visual art and theater centers on the exploration of the self in relation to Western histories and ideologies. Recent works include “The Silver, The Black, The Wicked Dance” at LACMA (2016); “Mr. Akita” at the Tang Museum, New York; “Purple Electric Play (PEP!)” at Machine Project, Los Angeles (2015); and “Glass Bang” at the MAK Center for Art & Architecture (2013) and Machine Project. With Haruko Tanaka, Hartman is also one half of the performance duo Krystal Krunch.

Skin of the Actor, Teeth of the Artist

The first time I met an actor, I was eleven years old. She was too. Her teeth were like razors. She sharpened them on her lunch pail to look like a ghoul.


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SEPT 2023

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