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Bonny Finberg

BONNY FINBERG is a writer whose fiction, poetry, and reviews can be found in many print and online journals and anthologies. Some of her writing and photographs can be found at

Patti Smith
Unplugged Dreams
Cité de la Musique, Paris

Go to any YouTube video of Patti Smith and look at the comments. Most of them look like little notes left at the feet of a saint in a sacred grotto. The unbelievers have their say as well, and as often happens, their skepticism or rancor provokes the faithful’s pugnacity.

from Kali's Day

I headed for the black silk dress with spaghetti straps. A man held it out at arm’s length and told the salesgirl, “I’ll think about it,” handed it back and walked away. I rushed over as she was putting it back on the rack. “How much?”


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SEPT 2023

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