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Catherine Filloux

CATHERINE FILLOUX is an award-winning playwright whose more than 20 plays have been produced in New York City and around the world. She is also the librettist for three operas performed in Cambodia and in the U.S. (with music by Him Sophy, John Glover, and Jason Kao Hwang.) Her new one-woman play surrounding the civil rights movement and the Ku Klux Klan will premiere at La MaMa in Fall, 2014. Filloux is a Resident Artist at La MaMa.

In Dialogue

Red Monkey in the Middle: Between Two Worlds with Catherine Filloux

The best kept secret in this world is violence against women, though it’s not even a secret. It doesn’t have to be.

Excerpt from "Killing the Boss"

Let me tell you what happened, Doug. I stopped seeing straight. My vision got poisoned. I never told you this, but when I came home from my first trip to this country, I looked at human beings in New York and I saw strange creatures.

In Dialogue

Red Wigs and Lettuce
Passing Through the Heart with Dalia Basiouny

I met Egyptian writer and theater artist Dalia Basiouny last year in Iraqi-Kurdistan, where we were both participants in “Women in Action 2,” an international conference organized by ArtRole. We were part of a group of women artists and activists from the Middle East and around the world.


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