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Clay Matlin

CLAY MATLIN is a graduate of SVA’s first Art Criticism and Writing class. Currently, he is a Sproull Fellow and Ph.D. candidate in American History at the University of Rochester. His dissertation, A God Abandoned World: Terror, Tragedy, and Sublime Presence in Postwar America, 1945 – 1951, examines what he sees as the reemergence of sublime experience among American intellectuals, especially the young and Jewish, in the aftermath of World War II. Clay lives, writes, and teaches in New York City with his wife, two kids, and dog.

What is Art Criticism?

I was part of the first class to graduate from SVA’s Art Criticism and Writing program. I started a Ph.D. program two years later, a move that split me between the world of criticism and the academy.


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JUNE 2023

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