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Connie Aitcheson

Lethal Warriors

In Lethal Warriors: When the New Band of Brothers Came Home, David Philipps examines the development and consequences of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on soldiers.

Fiction Review

The men who form the Brothers of Godly Coercion School for Young Boys of Meager Means are grumpy, mean, funny, and delusionary—as though they walked out of a Monty Python skit. Such are the characters in Kevin Holohan’s debut novel, The Brothers’ Lot.

Keeping Score

In February 2006, the National Baseball Hall of Fame announced its intention to induct Alex Pompez—numbers king in Harlem; owner of the Cuban Stars, a Negro-League team; vice president of the Negro National League for two years; and the first Latino director of international scouting for any Major League Baseball team—into the organization, along with 16 others from the Negro-League era.


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