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Constance Lewallen

Constance Lewallen is adjunct curator at the University of California Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. She is Editor-at-Large for the

Guest Critic

Bay Watch: A Snapshot of the Visual Arts in the Bay Area

I have observed the art scene over the many years I have lived in the Bay Area, most of the time as curator at the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Following is a very brief overview of its modern history.

In Conversation

Kota Ezawa with Constance Lewallen

In late June this summer, Rail consulting Editor Constance Lewallen visited Kota Ezawa’s 22nd Street studio in San Francisco to talk about his life and work.

In Conversation

VINCENT FECTEAU with Constance Lewallen

On the occasion of his new exhibit, which will be on view at Matthew Marks Gallery’s 24th Street location from September 10 to October 24, 2009, Contributing Editor Constance Lewallen paid a visit to Vincent Fecteau’s Inner Richmond studio to talk about his recent body of work and more.

In Conversation

JIM CAMPBELL with Constance Lewallen

Constance Lewallen interviews installation artist Jim Campbell on June 16, 2010 at Todd Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco.

In Conversation

JIM MELCHERT with Constance Lewallen

Jim Melchert is one of the leading figures in the San Francisco Bay Area artistic community, noted for his openness to experimentation and his encouragement of that in others. While championing the new with particular emphasis on conceptualism and clay, he also set standards of integrity and grace among artists, like a patrician hippie.

In Conversation

Dewey Crumpler with Constance Lewallen

Dewey Crumpler is an artist, professor, and long time participant in San Francisco’s cultural conversations. As a muralist, he’s made work that is in direct conversation with older public artworks deemed politically insensitive. Crumpler prefers artwork that challenges social stigmas to be discussed rather than destroyed or hidden from sight. His paintings of hooded figures, currently on view at Cushion Works, were the impetus for the following conversation. We discuss Crumpler’s mural at George Washington High School, the enigmatic object that has influenced three decades of his creative work, and how teaching informs his art practice.

In Conversation

ALLEN RUPPERSBERG with Constance Lewallen

On the occasion of Allen Ruppersberg’s retrospective exhibition, Intellectual Property: 1968 – 2018, Connstance Lewallen and Allen Ruppersberg stopped into the Rail HQ to talk about the evolution of Ruppersberg’s decades-long career, the conceptual through lines that can connect artworks, and how one defines “the periphery.

Lands End

In Lands End, artists have taken over all sections of the former restaurant, even those not normally seen by diners, such as the kitchen and trash areas. The exhibition is presented by the FOR-SITE Foundation and curated by its executive director, Cheryl Haines, who invited 27 international artists and collectives to address the perils of climate change.


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