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Elana Greenfield

Elana Greenfield's book At the Damascus Gate: Short Hallucinations is published by Green Integer (2003); she is a recipient of a Whiting Writers' Award.

In Dialogue

FLIGHT & BLISS: The Work of James Thiérrée

James Thiérrée is a multi-disciplinary performer (actor-trapeze artist-acrobat-clown-illusionist-violinist) as well as a director and constructor of deeply mysterious, shifting play worlds/landscapes. He and his crew design, construct, and build these worlds in a very intense two to three month period on the actual stage where the first performance of the show will occur using only the basic mechanics of the theater: pulleys, ropes, weights, and counterweights.

Kane in Babel: notes

I was always aware that under similar circumstances at Sarah's age (she was 24) and so far from home I would not have been able to hold on to my equilibrium. It was too jarring: to be so misperceived for the work which is your heart.


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