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Elizabeth C. Baker

ELIZABETH C. BAKER is a writer and editor. She edited Art in America for thirty-four years.

Guest Critic

What’s New?

Formal innovation as a prerequisite for serious, ambitious art prevailed into the late 20th century. Today, innovation is no longer an issue of central concern.

Ad Reinhardt in Print

A typical Reinhardt-Hess office conversation, easygoing at first, would accelerate to a flurry of pronouncements, rebuttals, and arguments centering on one or another recent art event.

An Anecdotal Footnote

A short flashback to Paris, 1958 – 59, where I first met Linda Nochlin, already a formidable scholar and accomplished writer, who was soon to become a good friend.

Towards a Foothold in New York

Absolutely nothing: that’s how much I knew about the art world when I left graduate school (Ph.D. unfinished) in the early 1960s and moved from Cambridge, Massachusetts, to New York.

What is Art?

What is art? This question has been up for grabs for about a century. It is a question every artist must ask when embarking on a career. The same question must be faced by every curator, critic, collector, art dealer, and non-profit administrator—indeed, every participant and observer, casual or otherwise, involved with the present cultural scene.


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