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Emily Macel

Emily Macel is an associate editor at Dance Magazine.

Pina Bausch Returns to BAM with Bamboo Blues

Traveling the world with Pina Bausch is as easy as buying a ticket to the theater and watching one of her evening-length works. When you witness one of these spectacles, each of your senses is tapped: from the incredibly elaborate and illusory sets, to the blend of live music, spoken word, and the sounds of bodies in motion; from the evocative interplay between characters, to the visceral exposition of sensations.

Preview: Buglisi Dance Theatre at the Joyce

Martha Graham’s highly dramatic and theatrical modern dance tradition is being carried on by Jacqulyn Buglisi, former Martha Graham Dance Company principal and co-founder of Buglisi Dance Theatre. Buglisi’s company will celebrate its 15th anniversary at the Joyce Theater February 3–8 with two programs, two premieres, and three other repertory works.

Savion Glover, a Rhythmic Musician

There is an intensity to Savion Glover’s tap dancing that fills your eyes and ears and soul when you watch him perform. Each sound that slams, clicks, shuffles, flaps, trills, and stomps out of his shoes is loaded with the history of the art form.

West Side Story Revival Hits Broadway

Riff, Bernardo, Anita, Tony. The Sharks and the Jets. Tonight, America, I Feel Pretty. Maria. We know the names, we know the songs, we love the dancing.

Orfeo ed Euridice at the Metropolitan Opera

When the curtains rise at the Metropolitan Opera, a hush befalls the audience and the magic begins.


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