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Jen George

JEN GEORGE writes out of New York City.

The Making Room: A dance performance with required reading

In the literature of David Foster Wallace, the footnotes are just as enjoyable as the body of text.

INSITU: dance in its first position

Founder/artistic director Svea Schneider and her team have positioned an ambitious sprawl of 144 free performances of work by 22 choreographers across four Long Island City public parks, including opportunities for audience participation in site-specific workshops.

another piece apart: two parts as a whole

Watching choreographers Jennifer Nugent and Paul Matteson discuss their creative process and personal rapport during one of New York Live Arts’ signature “Stay Late Conversations,” spoken language seems a limited vehicle to convey the intricacies of their decades-long artistic partnership.

"Are You Here for the Performance Piece?"

“Are you here for the performance piece?” asks the gentleman at the door as he politely ushers me into an unassuming foyer in Brooklyn, under the Williamsburg Bridge. I am at one of the numerous venues hosting American Realness 2018, the dance and performance festival founded by Thomas Benjamin Snapp Pryor, and presented by Gibney Dance with Abrons Art Center.

Futures in Child Rearing

I’m trying to have a baby. I’d like to name her Ocean, but I fear the implications: the void, vast emptiness, the unknown, big whale shits, giant octopuses, or other possible hentai tentacle situations.


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