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Jeremy Polacek

A freelance journalist, Midwestern in his politeness but not quite in speech, JEREMY POLACEK has written for Hyperallergic, Salon, the L Magazine, and others. He tweets at @JeremyPolacek.

A Matter of the Mind

What do we know? The oceans, the cosmos—our own minds—lie largely unknown.

Me, Myself, And My Mind

Patricia S. Churchland sees the brain differently. The mental image Churchland conjures is that of a thicket of neurons and specialized regions of activity, all of them subject to pervasive unconscious actions and designs.

The Sum of Things

Where there is love, life becomes something of it. And where there is death, or a loss of love, life takes on something of that, too. Levels of Life advances by this equivocal alchemy: “You put together two things that have not been put together before,” writes Julian Barnes. “And the world is changed.”

Wading Into the Grey

When all is said and left undone, it may fall to history to record that one person was convicted by an international court for the massive, auto-genocidal crimes of the Khmer Rouge.

Life Until Death

By the time I was 16, I had lost all my grandparents. As a child, these deaths never made sense, never added up to anything, other than loss. Sudden or pulverizing—as the inexorable crush of Alzheimer’s on my paternal grandfather and those who loved him, watching him disappear into haze, dependence, a nursing home, and then the hospital.

Beyond the Game

Rarefied victory in the N.F.L. incarnates as the glorious Vince Lombardi trophy: an ugly metallic regulation-sized football fused to a stylized, oversized football tee. Bestowed to the annual winner of the Super Bowl, it is the stuff of countless football dreams. And countless football nightmares.


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