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Jess Barbagallo

Jess Barbagallo is currently acting in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Lyric Theatre. Additionally, he works as an adjunct professor at New York University and is a contributing writer at Artforum.

In Dialogue

There’s A Direness To A Mundane Existence
Talking Brand New Worlds with Trish Harnetiaux

Trish Harnetiaux and I met at Mac Wellman’s School for Degenerates, also known as the playwriting program at Brooklyn College, in the fall of 2007. I immediately took a liking to Trish—her no-bullshit sensibility, pragmatic intelligence, and wry sense of humor.

Stanley Kowalski Isn’t Polish Anymore
Becca Blackwell on the Making of They, Themself and Schmerm

I met Becca Blackwell eight years ago, at a table read for a play called Pony, by Sylvan Oswald. Becca had bright red hair, wore their masculinity with ease (they/their/them are Becca’s pronouns of choice) and acted like a pro: an inspirational figure for a then-twenty-four-year-old baby butch like myself, new to the downtown theater.

“A current gaining more wave:” 25 Years of Artist Development at Brooklyn Arts Exchange

In 2012, I had the honor of being fully inducted into the BAX community as an artist-in-residence, so profiling the space feels like a bit of a homecoming. I remember it as a thrilling time in my art life. Not since the days of my luxurious collegiate conservatory actor training had I been granted such access to studio space without the gnawing consideration of how I might pay for it alongside the pressure to produce something great.

In Dialogue

Private Collection: LAUREN BAKST with Jess Barbagallo

I keep seeing Lauren Bakst’s performance work Private Collection: in the gallery space of a Bushwick apartment complex, the sanctuary of St. Mark’s Church, a downtown loft on Broadway.

In Dialogue

Tunneling through Density: Ben Gassman's NYC

In a delightful scene from Ben Gassman’s unproduced play Haircuts for Men & Boys, written in 2010, a guy walks into a barbershop of Greek ownership in Queens.


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