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Jonas Mekas

JONAS MEKAS has often been called "the godfather of American avant-garde cinema."

A Note on Genet's film, Un Chant D'Amour and Harold Pinter

The year was 1964, early January. From Knokke-Le-Zoute Experimental Film Festival, where Barbara Rubin and I created a scandal when they forbade us to show Jack Smith’s film Flaming Creatures, we proceeded to Paris, where we spent some time with Roman Polanski as our driver—we had a car, a tiny car but a car.


So much has been said about the “essence” of things and men that you’ll forgive me if I’ll say a few words in praise of the surface.

historical snapshot
Interview with Salvador Allende

In the 1960s and early ’70s, very often, when Rossellini stopped in New York, he used to call me. He was very interested in what was happening in the New York independent film scene.

DoDo Jin Ming

May 20th Saw DoDo Jin Ming photography show at Laurence Miller Gallery. Incredible stormy ocean photographs.

Peter Orlovsky (1933-2010) From the Diaries 1960

Yes, Peter Orlovsky, as he walked down the lower Third Avenue, gesticulating with his arms freely, and with his blue-striped farmer’s shirt, in a large step, and singing, just to himself, somewhere deep in himself, a very high high note, a voice that seemed to be coming from some very strange inner voice, very personal, very fragile.

Two Memories of Alexander-Sasha Hammid

Born in Czechoslovakia in 1908, he gained fame with two films he made together with Herbert Kline, Crisis (1939) and Lights Out in Europe (1940)—the two films in which he warned the West about the rise of Nazi Germany.

Towards a Complete Order

When Gregory Markopoulos (1928­ – 92) made his first 16mm film Psyche in 1947, at only 19 years old, the American avant-garde cinema was still in its infancy, having been ushered in only four years earlier by Maya Deren’s ground-breaking Meshes of the Afternoon. By 1974, when he wrote the following text. The recent publication Film as Film: The Collected Writings of Gregory J. Markopoulos (The Visible Press, 2014) is available in New York from Anthology Film Archives or online from

Ken Jacobs-Star Spangled to Death

Organic, living organism that grew and grew over the period of 47 years.

Anti- 100 Years of Cinema Manifiesto

Some are talking about the End of History. There are others who say that we are at the End of Cinema. Do not believe any of this!

A Tribute to Hollis Frampton

We buried Hollis. A small crowd of about 30 or so, family circle, realitves, cousins, mothers.

Update 2003

Winter, don’t ever be over.

End of the Year Letter to Friends

Forget the utopias: life is here and now.


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