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Laura Flierl

Laura Flierl is a freelance writer based in Berlin.

Uncanny Grooving

Yeasayer’s vigorous mix of dance-inspired electronica and indie guitar-rock, presented live at Berlin’s Postbahnhof on March 10, was much needed in the arctic wastes of a city slowly crawling out of a long, arduous winter.

The Geist of Independence

It was the geist of independence that pulled into shore on the muddy banks of Berlin’s Spree River one Saturday afternoon in July, for the third annual Down by the River festival.

Green Mud

Despite the wetness, the fifth annual Green Man festival in Wales—a country in the southwestern part of the British Isles, where the wind blows off the Irish Sea through your ears and into your brain—was a wonderful verdant extravaganza of folk music and fine fellow folk. The Glanusk Estate, a remote national park surrounded by soft pastures, good old farmland, and the bottle-green Table Mountains, opened its gates for this year’s festival, inviting 10,000 people to pitch their tents on its belly until we said our exhausted farewells three days later, covered in mud.

Fleet Foxes: Pastoral Melodies

"Come down from the mountain—you have been gone too long,” sings Robin Pecknold, singer and songwriter for Washington State’s Fleet Foxes.


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