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Mary Mann

Munchin’ on the Ritz

It’s raining. Water squelches in my sneakers, and the blasting summer air conditioning on the train sends a chill down the back of my neck. The hairy guy to my right smells like cheese and shoes.

On the Job Hunt

Ah, Mediabistro, my old friend. After months of constant scrolling down your minimalist and chronologically-ordered page, I still feel a distance between us. Despite the inordinate amount of time we’ve spent together, you remain an enigma.

Burlesque, Beer, and PowerPoint

Brooklyn Brainery’s Society for the Advancement of Social Studies hosts a night of sexy history…

A Field of One’s Own

In the new food culture, farming as an ethos is hip. Farming as an industry, however, is in need of some serious revitalization.


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OCT 2023

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